The Course

The Stafford City Brook Run makes for an exciting and enjoyable run along the picturesque Kedron Brook. The run itself is very flat with only two minor climbs along the course to give our participants that extra challenge. The Stafford City Brook Run provides an excellent opportunity for athletes of all abilities to identify their true potential and have fun whilst doing it!


7 km Course Description

  1. Commencing on the north side of the oval at Hickey Park (see map), participants then run south before exiting the oval and moving onto a paved surface up the first small climb to Babarra Street.
  2. The course then turns right to Balerang Street before returning to Hickey Park where the course winds back through Hickey Park to the north side of the oval. (Please note: This section has a relatively narrow paved area, however there is plenty of grassed areas on either side to easily run.)
  3. After passing the oval at the 1km mark the course drops down to creek level before crossing the bridge and heading 2.5km east along a wide shared path.
  4. Adjacent to the Kedron Bus Station the course then makes a 700m loop clockwise back under Gympie Road. (**Getting tired and need a distraction? This particular area of Kedron Brook has recently been revamped and provides a number of wild life spotting opportunities, including birds and water dragons!)
  5. Participants then return the 2.5km back to Hickey Park and after a short climb back up from the creek, the course diverts onto the oval where participants will bathe in the glory of having finished the inaugural 2013 Brook Run!

Please Note: This course has some small inclines, but is otherwise very flat over long sections. Grassed areas either side of the path will also allow ample room for passing or running 2 abreast.

2km Course Description

  1. Beginning at the same start line as the adults, the 2km kids run starts and finishes at Hickey Park (see map)
  2. Participants will then do an entire lap of Hickey Park (N.B – runners will be in very close proximity to the start point at all times)
  3. Participants will then run 250m out and back along Kedron Brook where it meets Hickey Park.

Please note: This is a relatively easy run, undulating in the northern sections and a climb back up from creek level.

The Stafford City Brook Run Events Team wishes you all the best for training and looks forward to seeing you on the day!